New website and new blog!

I made a new website and one thing especially that I love about it is that I was able to integrate my website and blog. So this blog is ending here. And read the first entry of my new blog and website via this link: www.basbasbacker.net/news/


I'll Love You Still in Hell

My short piece "I'll Love You Still in Hell" came out in the latest issue of French-German comic magazine Beton produced by the great care and efforts of Laetitia Graffart and  Stéfane Hirlemann. Nice detail- it has a handwritten translation to French. Other artists in the magazine include Aike Arndt, Nettmann, Ulli Lust, Tine Fetz, Fabian Stolz and Bea Davies.
The issue came out at the same time as the magazine's one-year anniversary which we celebrated during a super fun evening at the Freibeuter bar in Berlin F'hain. (Pics and info here). The original art will be on show next week  during an exhibition at Raum B in Berlin-Neukölln. Or more specifically Friday 22nd of January from 19hrs on in the Wildenbruchstraße 4. This is the FB event.
If you don't catch the works or the authors there, they will be in Angouleme (minus me) and in Paris at the Goethe Institut Feb 8th (need I say - unfortunately again- minus me).

COC to Tumb

Chicks on Comics is back to working *as you know it* where we talk to each other from artist to artist in comic panels about our daily lives or current issues, but we've moved over to tumblr here. Obvs we're also on FB and Twitter. This is my latest panel here that you'll also find over on the new site.